Hey there! If you’ve clicked on this tab, that means you want to know more about the person behind the camera. That would be me, Heather Carter. I grew up on the Brighton Indian Reservation in Florida and I am a Seminole. I'm Native and proud of my heritage! I lived in Central Florida for 25 years before moving to North Carolina, where I bought my first mirrorless camera and taught myself photography. I'd spend hours in the library reading about it, hours on the computer taking online classes, and years in the field doing trial & error. I loved every minute of it! When you have something that is really your passion, it's quite hard for anything to stop you:) While living in Brevard NC, I earned my Business Management Degree (with a minor in Parks & Rec). After honing my photography and editing skills for a number of years, I started a business with one goal; to focus exclusively on action, events and commercial photography for smaller companies. Somewhere along the way, I got into Real Estate photography and now I offer that, as well. My background in business and creative vision allow me to produce timely deliverables that really wow my clients. 


 In September of 2021, my husband & I moved to Bellingham, Washington. Our move here was driven solely by the terrain (world class mountain biking!) and the opportunity for me to continue to pursue my calling in a place conducive to my endeavors. There might be a little bit of adventure thrown in the mix, too;) 


So, what do I love about the work that I do? I get to be outside and work hard to produce deliverables that will help my clients grow their businesses. Often, the first impression of a company is made through photos, either on social media or a website. It is imperative for any business to have professional quality photos of the product/service in action. (I have super fast turnaround times, too.)


We do a lot of photography work for Cognative MTB, a North Carolina cycling apparel company. Check out their site here! My husband Elliot sometimes helps me out in the field, either as a model or as the assistant photographer. We are always finding ways to become better than the last time and we are constantly learning new approaches & systems. We specialize in Outdoor Action & Event, Commercial photography and now we are offering Real Estate or AirBnb photography! Reach out to [email protected] to connect!



- Female Owned - Native American Owned-

Bellingham, WA