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3 Reasons Why you should care about (professional) photos

(Some Blog photos were updated 08/20/22)


Okay, so I may be a bit biased, but how else am I going to explain to you why Professional Photography is worth buying? This blog is about the worth of photos. Race photos, landscape photos, commercial photography for your business, etc. I’m talking about high res, high quality professional photos done by someone who does it for a living. A professional who cares passionately about (and is good at) the art of photography and editing, because the two go hand in hand. I’ll start by highlighting landscape art, then move onto race photography before wrapping up this post with commercial photography. Hey, it's what I do!


Those tasty ‘scapes

Ok, so we all see them everywhere. Photos of the world around us. Those totally grammable porch views, mountain views, and beach vistas. Why should we , the general population, care about buying these types of photos? Well, you’ve heard of home decor, right? Wall art? Instead of buying a cliche, mass produced painting at Home Goods or wherever, how ‘bout you look into some local landscape art? If you love where you live (and I hope you do), I am positive that there is a local photographer or artist that sells amazing work on his or her website. Why not show them some love and display their work on your walls? It's one of the best ways to turn your house into a Home. Single dude on Tinder? Give your date something to look at when they come over! It will impress them that you put some thought into how you decorate, not to mention is a conversation starter. If you own an AirBnB, public office, dentist or doctor office or basically anything else, these types of works look amazing on your walls. ESPECIALLY if it’s local. It adds a special flare to the space and shows your clients/guests some neat places that they might want to check out on their own. It’s also way more interesting to look at and sets a vibe for the place.

Washington StateWashington State


Ready, set, go! Race Photos!

Race photography is usually a seasonal gig and almost every race will have one or more professional photographers on course. It's (part of) how we as photographers make our living.. Who doesn’t want a close-up of themselves doing something awesome?! Well, for starters, some racers aspire to go pro. Or at the very least, get some sponsors if they aren’t sponsored already. For the aspiring sponsored racer, you’ll need quality content to get noticed. So, spend the ten or twenty dollars and buy a race photo after each race. Coupled with some podiums during race season, you’ve got yourself a pretty decent portfolio. Booking a private rider portrait shoot is always a good investment too;) For the sponsored racer, you have expectations. Social media posts, quality content to submit, blogs, etc. Or, even if you’re an average Jane like me, and love to run or ride in races, you can still show off a little with a sick shot of you in action. And they will be more impressed at a professional photograph than by a blurry iPhone shot! These are cherished memories you are creating, people! One day when you're old and can't race anymore, you'll be thankful you kept those old race photos! You are keeping them safe somewhere, right? That's another blog post. 


Photo Above: Taken at the Maxxis Pumptrack Drag Race during the Northwest Tune-Up Festival 

Let’s get down to business

For a business, professional photography is a MUST. It's CRUCIAL. If you don't yet have it and you're in business, you should start budgeting for it now. Start saving, because great branded photos that make you & your business look legit are an Investment. Having well thought-out, high quality, professional images make people take you more seriously, engages them (the consumer), and leads to higher sales and better Brand Awareness. I don’t want to look at a grainy, under or over-exposed photo of something you’re trying to sell. Within the first 3 seconds, I need to know for sure what it is I am looking at. I don’t even want to look at a photo if the model obviously had bad hygiene or whatever. Gross! The point of trying to sell things through images is to make the viewer want to BE that person or USE that product. Or to just sit there and look pretty. Really! To think; “I can see myself wearing/using this. I must buy!” or "Oooo I looove how this photo looks! I can't explain it, I just do! Can't stop looking at it!". Don’t believe me? Consider these numbers (the first three came from Efelle Creatives E-commerce marketing blog).


-75% of consumers rely on product photos when deciding whether or not to purchase (Adams, 2018).


-20-30% of returns happen because the product did not look as advertised. 


-High quality visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social media.


Another fun random fact: Hiring a professional photographer when selling or renting your home will lead to a larger sales price and faster selling time than if you didn’t hire one. Make the investment, it’s worth it in the long run and it SAVES you time. You can be sure your competitors are already using professional quality visual content.


Just one more little tip for the business owner/marketing person! 

Race photography is always a good low barrier to entry investment to market your business or service. Especially if you are an outdoor apparel company, or a sponsor for racers. Often, the photographer has commercial rates for each of his/her images. Contact him or her to find out what this is if it isn’t listed, and enjoy the benefits of a lower cost option before investing in a commercial photography shoot in the future. I sell mine for fifty dollars per image and you get a Royalty Free Commercial Use License with it.  







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